Of Zombies and Love

For great is your love toward me; you have delivered me from the depths, from the realm of the dead. Psalm 86:13

It’s interesting that within the past ten years there has been an obsession in our culture with zombies. A zombie is someone who is supposed to be dead but is walking around. In fact, while many Believers believe that an apocalypse is within sight, many believe that zombies will come back, and we will have to fight them. What makes it interesting is that they are serious in their beliefs about it. A quick internet search on the subject will reveal thousands if not millions of sites about the subject.

In a sense, though, we were all walking around like zombies before Christ saved us; we just hadn’t physically died yet. Fortunately, though, we don’t have to walk around as if we had died, but we get to experience true life in Christ.

But in a more real sense, many who know Christ are walking around aimless and purposeless. Many have no passion, no drive for spiritual things. Many go through the motions but are very much like the zombies noted above. Salvation has been settled, but the day to day living is a struggle. I will pray for you.

Lord Jesus,

You know the hearts and motives of those reading this. You know what they think, and what they believe. But you also know about the empty, devoid lives that many lead. I ask for passion where there is none, purpose where there is none, and drive where there needs to be. I pray that you will revive your followers here and abroad. We know we have been delivered as from the dead, but we also know the Lord of Life. Fill us with that life. Fill us with passion this world has never seen before! May we be a blessing and inspiration to others.


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