Oh No. Not So.

He rules forever by his power, his eyes watch the nations — let not the rebellious rise up against him. Psalm 66:7

It’s not a bad thing to be reminded every day that God is still on the throne.

He is still in command of the rogue nations who thumb their noses at their people and the Almighty. He’s still in charge of world affairs, treaties and obstacles to treaties, cruel dictators, brutal regimes, and world events. Even closer to home, He’s still in control of churches, corrupt politicians, insidious atheists, powerful influencers, and local lawmakers. There’s nothing outside of his control.

It certainly begs the question, “if He’s in control, why doesn’t He do something about all the violence, corruption, and lawlessness.” As the verse suggests, “his eyes watch the nations.” I know it sounds like a copy out and an evasion of the question, but if I told you I knew why all of that goes on unabated, I’d be dishonest. I really don’t know.

But I do know this. Wrongs will be righted, and justice will prevail. Many powerful people skirt the law and laugh because they’ve gotten away with so much. Oh no. That is just not so. As the old Russian proverb says, “He sees everything, and waits.”

Take courage, my Brothers and Sisters. The life we see here is certainly not all there is. When you see the type of lawlessness I describe here, remember that God sees it all.

All of it.

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