Our Daily Burger and Fries

11 Give us today our daily bread. Matthew 6:11

As I write this, I am in Minnesota where the “suggestion” of sheltering in place is still very much in effect. To make matters worse, the town I’m in has an 8 pm curfew due to the violence of the past four nights less than 20 miles away. I’m staying in a hotel room next to a large grocery store and many restaurants within a mile. They’re all shut down due to the virus and the curfew. Fortunately we saw a fast food restaurant open and went through the drive thru.

We’re very thankful for that food. Over the last two months the world has virtually been locked down. Businesses are going under because they need customers. Restaurants already run at a thin margin and they’re shutting down faster than other businesses.

Yes, food is harder to get but it’s still available.

We are thankful for the burgers and fries and water we consume each day. Daily sustenance is very easy to take for granted until it’s not as readily available. As we’ve seen lately, it may not always be there.

Let’s be grateful when we can be.

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