Our Hope

Be joyful in hope. . .Romans 12:12a

There is a lot of talk of hope these days in politics. Unfortunately, the only hope even the best politician has to offer is temporary and fleeting.

The sad reality, though, is that there is very little hope of man getting it together without supernatural intervention. Leaders and educators cannot seem to agree on the big things let alone the small things. Even with all the brain power, education, and money at their disposal, they just can’t get it together. In other words, we continue to look to very faulty leaders to come up with solutions that they themselves got us into. Yes, I’m speaking to a Western audience, but it applies to most countries around the world.

But as Christians we have a great deal of hope, and it’s something that is not fleeting or temporary. Sure, we’ve got to endure while we’re here on earth, but we recognize that one day all the suffering, pain, persecution, and disease will have been distant memories for us. God is preparing a home for us and it will be something beyond our wildest dreams.

In the mean time, we are to “occupy” and do our part in spreading that hope wherever we go, the hope of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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