A Different Hunger

Jesus called his disciples to him and said, “I have compassion for these people; they have already been with me three days and have nothing to eat. I do not want to send them away hungry, or they may collapse on the way.” Matthew 15:32-38

When we look at the story of feeding of the 4000, we get to see Jesus’ compassion and power to transform small things into much larger things. But within that story is a part that gets overlooked. Why did Jesus have to feed all those people? The text tells us. “They have already been with me three days…” These thousands of people were there to hear Jesus teach for three days.

Think about that.

For three days they were hungering for the truth, hungering for what was real, hungering for God, no doubt hanging on his every word. They wanted what he had so badly that they either forgot about eating or couldn’t break away. The Master was teaching them, and obviously what He had to say was important.

I can learn from that.

But ultimately I have to ask the questions: when was the last time that I truly hungered after God? When was the last time I was willing to sit at his feet for something other than a few minutes at a time? When was the last time I forgot about food and just basked in Jesus’ teaching? Sadly, I don’t remember.

Perhaps a deeper question for me is, why has it been so long?

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Michael who?

“…Others tested him by asking for a sign from heaven.” Luke 11:16

I find it incredibly conceited that the Creation asks the Creator for a sign from heaven, don’t you? I make no claims at all to deity but if I were Jesus I might have said, “come again?” Actually, my response would have been quite harsher than that, which is why I make no claims to deity!

Imagine this scenario. Fast forward forty years. A youngster comes up to Michael Jordan and says, “I’ve heard you were a basketball player fifty years ago. I don’t believe them. Show me a sign that you were one because up until a few minutes ago, I’ve never heard of you.” Do you really think Michael Jordan would have to prove himself when he’s in his 90s and can barely walk?

Well, we have thousands of years of recorded history where God has proven himself over and over and over again. Look at a sunrise or a sunset. Every single one is different. And yet I doubt.

My doubt goes something like this, “God, if you’re real and who you say you are…” That’s almost laughable. The Creation asking the Creator.

And yet, it’s a very real prayer. It may well be where I’m at. Perhaps I need a sign when my entire world is falling apart around me. Maybe I need a sign when the stress is overwhelming and I can’t take it anymore. Perhaps I need a supernatural touch from God that only He can give.

Perhaps, just perhaps, if my prayers were this kind of real I wouldn’t have to pretend that I have it all together.

Now that is an interesting thought.

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You’re Holding Your Nose

A favorite passage of Scripture for many is Jesus walking on the water in Matthew 14:22-33:

He was walking on the lake, and they thought he was a ghost.
They cried out, because they all saw him and were terrified. Immediately he spoke to them and said, “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.”
“Lord if it’s you, tell me to come to you on the water.” [that would be Peter]
Seconds later after Peter had actually walked on water and began to sink, Jesus reached out his hand and caught him.
“You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?”

My wife tells the story of her and her girlfriend swimming at a public pool. They too truly believed that they could walk on water and took turns demonstrating their “faith.”

Then my wife’s friend said, “you don’t really believe, do you?”

“Why not?” she asked.

“Because you’re holding your nose!”

Faith is a difficult thing to teach and an even more difficult thing to learn. Why? Because we’re so hard headed. And even though we believe that the God of the entire Universe is on our side and cheering us on, it’s hard to articulate why we can’t trust him.

Usually, though, the “faith thing” comes in bits and spurts. Normally we aren’t asked to do extraordinary things for God. Instead, He encourages us to take small steps of faith. Baby steps, if you will.

So, let me ask you, when was the absolute last time you took a step of faith for God? Ask God to help you take those itty bitty steps of faith regularly and watch your faith grow strong!

Oh, and be careful not to hold your nose. It’s only a small step but it will reap great rewards.

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Scrambled Pancakes

For His anger is but for a moment, His favor is for a lifetime; Weeping may last for the night, But a shout of joy comes in the morning. Psalm 30:5

When I was in the Boy Scouts, we would go camping quite regularly. Sometimes the boys themselves would cook, but most of the time the leaders would do the cooking.

One morning we woke, and our Scoutmaster was cooking up a fine breakfast of pancakes and sausage. Except it didn’t turn out the way it was supposed to turn out. This was before the non-stick pans, and we probably didn’t take a lot of oil with us since we hiked into camp.

Well, long story short. We had scrambled pancakes for breakfast that morning. There was nothing wrong with the pancakes at all except they were in the same form as scrambled eggs are usually in. We threw a little syrup on them and they tasted fine. They just were a little odd looking.

Many times our lives are like those scrambled pancakes. We think it will turn out one way but disappointments, tragedies, and events go different than we planned. We had planned for a pristine, joy filled life, and in the end it’s full of chaos and turmoil. Of course we live through it all, but it’s just a different life than we had imagined.

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“Adam, where are you?”

Genesis 3:9, But the Lord God called to the man, “Where are you?” (NIV)

We all know the story from long ago. God created man, then woman from the man. The serpent tempted the woman with forbidden fruit, and she gave it to the man to eat. Then the man heard God walking in the Garden, and he hid from God. The all-knowing, ever-present God called out to the man, “where are you?”

It speaks of compassion. It speaks of wanting man to own up for his deeds. It speaks of relationship. Man’s response isn’t even important at this point in the story. God wanted to talk even though He knew that Adam was hiding.

Things really haven’t changed, have they? God is still seeking us; we’re still hiding. That hiding comes in different forms to different people. Sometimes it’s not even talking to God. Sometimes it’s not allowing his Word to speak to us. And sometimes it’s doing what we want with total disregard for what God wants.

But remember, God is still seeking you out. Every day. Even in your darkest moment He is reaching out, calling out, beckoning you to come. He knows where you are and invites you to speak with him, you know, just to chit chat. About your hurt. About your failures. About your joys. About your life.

So, the Lord God calls out to you, “Where are you?”


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