I thirst for you, my whole being longs for you,
in a dry and parched land where there is no water. Psalm 63:1

What would happen if this verse was our entire life’s mission? I would think the world would be a very different place than it is now.

We would:

  • want to know what pleases Him
  • yearn for His presence
  • long to hear what He has to tell us
  • love his children a bit more
  • care about the poor and the needy
  • know what displeases Him
  • avoid petty bickering and infighting

What does it take, though, to get to the point where we are parched and thirsty?

Perhaps the better question might be asked, what’s preventing us from getting to this point?

We can only answer that ourselves because we’re all different people in different stages of our Christian life. But I suspect we each know our answers without a lot of introspection.

One response to “Parched”

  1. I read today about dry and parched. I do feel that way I trust God and love Him for me however it seems I spend a lot.of time doing things in this world of technologies distracting. I serve God but I feel I should do more. On my mind however I wonder if I can be happy with what I do. I try and try could try harder yes but can I ever satisfy Him or me I can’t satisfy

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