Pass It On

From the Sons of Korah
We have heard it with our ears, O God;
our ancestors have told us
what you did in their days,
in days long ago. Psalm 44:1

When’s the last time you passed on to others what God did for you today? Perhaps an even more blunt question could be, what HAS He done for you today? Before we can tell others, we must know what He’s done. There’s no right or wrong answer on that.

If He has done something, shout it from the roof tops. If He hasn’t, why not?

Now I don’t want to give you a guilt trip if He hasn’t done something in your life. He probably has but it’s hard to articulate it.

At the very least, as the last part of this verse says, “what you did in their days, in their days long ago” consider what it was like the day you realized your need for a Savior. Think about how you felt, the emotions and ecstatic feelings you had. That was pure joy, wasn’t it? Relive those days in your mind and praise Him for it. Those are the days no one can ever take away from you. Think back to those days often when you tell your story with others.

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