Peek a Boo, He Sees You

You, God, know my folly; my guilt is not hidden from you. Psalm 69:5

In the midst of King David’s prayer against his enemies, he confesses his own guilt and foolishness. It’s actually a very wise man who does something like this. After all, we are not, as they say, as pure as the driven snow. But David confesses based on acknowledging that God knows it all anyway, so why try to hide it? And yet, it’s clear that throughout Scripture people tried to hide from God. Adam and Eve did it. David tried. Peter tried. Jonah tried to run. Elijah curled up like a little child and bemoaned his plight.

We would certainly do well to learn from these men and women of God, for though the dress, customs, language, and culture has changed, sin and the ability to try to hide from God hasn’t.

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