16 Answer me, Lord, out of the goodness of your love; in your great mercy turn to me.
17 Do not hide your face from your servant; answer me quickly, for I am in trouble.
18 Come near and rescue me; deliver me because of my foes. Psalm 69:16-18

As I write this there are 7 billion people, millions of galaxies, innumerable grains of sand in only one square yard of sand, and one God to rule them all. But sometimes we feel that God is distant, aloof, doesn’t care, or is too busy worrying about the other 7 billion people.

Perhaps, though, our perspective is skewed. Perhaps, just perhaps, the God who is distant is a lot closer than we suspect.

Twenty years ago my wife and I babysat a little girl of two or so. She was still young enough that we could play “peekaboo” and still have fun doing it. As we sat there, she covered her eyes, and said, “peekaboo, I love you!”

What a fitting illustration of God’s attitude towards us. Through what we see and experience in the physical realm combined with the innumerable blessings of God, it’s like He’s telling us, “Peekaboo. You can’t see me right now but I am watching over you. I am there with you every step of the way. I will provide people in your path to help you get through what’s going on. You have to know that I love you, and always will. Don’t try to understand everything. Just trust Me. Can you do that? Can you trust me? Keep walking by faith.”

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