People. Meh.

3 Lord, what are human beings that you care for them,
mere mortals that you think of them?
4 They are like a breath;
their days are like a fleeting shadow. Psalm 144:3-4

In one form or another we’ve all jokingly asked the question, “What was He thinking when He created us?” because we know what we’re like! We know that as God’s creation we don’t exactly mimic God-like characteristics often. And I’m talking about people who know better! Think of His creation who have no idea what God-like characteristics mean!

But that’s okay, we’re working toward that goal one hour at a time. We’re making progress, even if we’re only taking tiny baby steps.

As we get older we understand just how fast time flies by. When we were in school, age 40 or 50 seemed so far away.

I wrote a youth play once for a church I was attending. In the skit, one of the students was commenting about an adult, and she said, “Yeah, she’s like really old, you know, like 40 or something.” Those of us who were “40 or something” got the joke right away.

So why does He care? In a few moments, we’ll be gone. Poof!

Most everybody reading this can recite John 3:16 without thinking about it, but have you ever asked why He loved us? Why did He care? Why does He care? The simple answer is that “it’s in His nature to love us.” And for reasons we cannot possibly understand, it’s His choice to love us.

That is an awesome thought.

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