People Will Be Conceited

[people will be] conceited 2 Timothy 3:4c

This character trait needs no explanation. We see it all around us. And sometimes we display it. But among the ungodly, conceit is apparent and increasing. As people get more sure of themselves and their solutions in life, they have no need of God. Of course they replace Almighty God with fame, fortune, sports, drink, drugs, hedonism, and anything they can think of.

Still, though, even the hardest of heart and proudest of proud must sleep at night. What goes through their head right before they nod off? They think about life and where they’re at in life. Not always but sometimes.

We all know conceited, arrogant people. Pray for those you know who are conceited. Pray that their blinders will fall off and see the true and living God.

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