People Will Be Unforgiving

[people will be] unforgiving, 2 Timothy 3:2h

Bitterness and anger seem to rule the day. Everyone is offended at something or other. Then they hold grudges until there’s an apology. Sometimes the unforgiveness remains for a long long time. We hold on to bitterness for a long time. We nurse it, ruminate about it, dwell on it, and when we talk the bitterness in our speech comes out. God never intended us to hold onto bitterness. It only hurts us, not the person it’s aimed towards.

A very practical example is a company that I recently interviewed with a total of 5 times (including a lengthy face to face interview). Twice during the process I was assured that being notified about the results is the best thing to do and their decision would be soon. Nothing. I emailed HR. Still nothing. It’s been a month and a half now, and still nothing. Now, I could sit and stew about this for a long time, but what good does it do. I could write a letter stating my disappointment at their lack of communication and what I consider rude protocol, but what good would it do? On the other hand, what good does it do me to seethe and foment and get upset even thinking about it. They wronged me and they’re not going to apologize for it or make it up to me in some way. That’s it. It’s over. It’s time to let it go.

Let it go. Give it to the Father and let Him deal with it and me as He sees fit.

Just let it go.

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