The Lord reigns, let the earth be glad; let the distant shores rejoice. Psalm 97:1

Have you ever noticed that are verses like this scattered throughout the Old Testament? Yes, the Psalmists are giving glory and honor to God, but I think there’s something else involved here. They are reminding us once again about who the Lord is and what He is capable of doing. Why? Because we quickly forget.

Consider the Israelites who escaped Egypt. After they crossed the sea on dry land, they were led by pillars of fire by night and a arrow-shaped cloud in the day (okay, I don’t know it was arrow-shaped but it had to be obvious to 2 million people).

And still they forget and grumble and complain about the Lord.

They were fed manna from heaven and quail, and they still complained.

But let’s not be too harsh on them without taking a closer look at ourselves.

We know that the Lord reigns. We sing it and sometimes shout it. But when faced with uncertainties and fears, we forget and begin worrying about stuff. Sometimes we’re brought back to “reality” by someone saying, “Don’t worry. He’s still on the throne.”

And He is.

Nothing anybody does to me, my friends and family, my church, or the Body of Christ will ever change that simple fact. I’m grateful the Psalm writers included this admonition often.

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