Peter, the Legend

1 Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ,

Without question, if people were reading this, they knew who Peter was. We might say he was The Peter. In those few words, he gave his readers the briefest of resumes, and in so doing had their undivided attention.

I recall hearing about a pilot who flew Air Force One for eight years during the Bush presidency. His resume for future work would only include that line. Air Force One pilot for 8 years. He would immediately be recognized as the authority on that aircraft.

Never forget there were only 12 apostles, but thousands of disciples. A total of twelve men accompanied Jesus for three years. They didn’t just walk with him but they learned under Him, ate with Him, laughed with Him, cried with Him, and tried to understand that men they left everything to follow. They were a select group and Peter was in the close-knit group of three of His closest followers.

What Peter has to say to the church, he has to say to us as well.

Continue reading through this entire book to familiarize yourself with the man who wrote it and His Lord.

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