Popular vs. Right

But they were terrified and said, “If two kings could not resist him, how can we?” 2 Kings 10:4

Jehu had just killed Joram and Ahaziah, and watched as Jezebel tumbled out the window. Word spread quickly. Jehu had gained a solid reputation as a brutal king (and a wild driver). That alone gave him sway and power. He came in strength. In the next verse, the city administrators sent a letter to Jehu, cowering in fear before him. In the end Jehu ordered the administrators to put to death all 70 of Ahab’s sons. It was important that all the evil of Ahab’s house be rooted out and destroyed. Good leaders have to make difficult decisions involving the lives of others.

Throughout recent history, leaders have sought to do what was popular and not necessarily what was right. Being right has always trumped being popular. Unfortunately, in every country there are those who try to gain popularity and compromise their values in the process. Political power is strange that way. Pray for your country’s leadership, regardless of whether you agree with them or not. Pray that God Himself will intervene in their lives so that they will make good decisions, not decisions that will prolong their popularity, but decisions that are right decisions.

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