Praying for the Miraculous

When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears and delivers them out of all their troubles. Psalm 34:17

Is this verse that righteous people will not see problems in the world? Of course not. We all experience problems.

We see this in action right now in Afghanistan. Many Christians in the country are being threatened by the Taliban. Their lives are in grave danger. If nothing is done right now, many thousands will die. A complete “delivery” of course is eternal life in Christ. Their future is secure. We grieve because we see their suffering and it’s painful in so many respects. They’ve had to live these threats all of their lives. They are praying for deliverance, and many are praying for the people who will murder them.

That is an interesting thing, this Christian life. We in the West look at the Taliban as ruthless butchers, but our Afghani brothers and sisters would have a different view of them. Many might even have compassion for their souls. Very few of us would.

The truly tragic state of affairs will be for those family members left behind. It’s at this point that I honestly don’t know how to pray. I know what fate awaits them if God doesn’t miraculously intervene, so I guess that’s exactly my prayer.

Will you join me in that prayer throughout the day today?

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