Pursue Gentleness

and [pursue] gentleness. 1 Timothy 6:11f

Living life can bring out the harshness and cruelty in the best of us. We see and hear things that just harden our hearts. For instance, you hear about all the injustices that affect children, and ask why hasn’t God obliterated the vile perpetrators already! Then we see the guilty walk free and get away with unspeakable crimes. Well, a lot can be said about that but I won’t. Judgment is in God’s hands ultimately, and I have to trust that God has it all under control, because He does! Again, He sees and hears all. Nothing escapes Him.

But that doesn’t let us off the hook either. We can become harsh and mean if we’re not careful, and sometimes even if we are careful!

So, how does one pursue gentleness? First, you simply watch those you consider to be gentle.

What do they do? What do they refrain from doing?

What do they say or refrain from saying? Simple enough, right?

But secondly and more importantly, we learn from the Master Himself, Jesus Christ. He had every reason to become hardened, bitter, and mean. After all, look at the way His own creation was treating Himn. He was firm when necessary, and very gentle towards those who were helpless and hopeless. He didn’t point a finger in their face, but gently reminded them who He was and who they were. He gave them respect despite their many faults.

You can certainly learn gentleness from a perfect man.

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