Questioning The Messenger

The Jews then responded to him, “What sign can you show us to prove your authority to do all this?” John 2:18

I’m frequently amazed at the audacity of the Jewish leaders in Jesus’ day. They themselves didn’t clear the temple because of wrongdoing. And when someone had the guts to do it, they questioned him and his authority to do it. I don’t think we Gentiles understand the law and its grip on the Jewish people. I don’t at all mean that in a negative way, I just don’t think we comprehend how the law was everything to them. Clearly they thought he was violating some law but they just couldn’t pinpoint it. Rather than dealing with the underlying problem – sin in the temple courts – they chose to chastise the messenger.

We are often placed in situations where our character and morality is questioned by those who would rather “shoot the messenger” than to fix the underlying problem. It is in these times that we just need to rely on the Lord to see us through. When you’re standing on the truth, you need not back down or give in. And I’m afraid there is coming a day when this kind of stance may cost us our freedom.


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