Random Acts

Then Pilate took Jesus and had him flogged. -John 19:1

Again, as a conscience clearing act, Pilate has Jesus flogged. There’s really no logic to the act except as a statement to Him and to the Jewish rules (and possibly the mob if they’re still watching). It’s senseless really because in just a few short hours from that moment he will be dead via crucifixion.

We live in a day and age when random bad things happen to good people quite regularly. Think of the “knockdown” game that gang members play (as an initiation rite). Or think of the swarms of teens who go into a store to shoplift to their hearts are content, and walk away because so many of them do it, it’s impossible to catch. Senseless, cowardly acts to prove some obscure point.

There are acts, though, that lean towards the “good column”. These are acts that for the most part go unnoticed. They’re often referred to “random acts of kindness.” Fortunately, though, these acts occur far more often than the bad acts because there are more people committing them.

Today is one of those days, do something you wouldn’t normally do just because it’s a way to bless someone else. It could be paying for a soldier (and his family’s) meal. It could be going the extra mile to help the elderly with their groceries. If you can think of the act, do it. It’s really that simple. We can certainly use more kindness in our world.

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