No Regard for God

3 Arrogant foes are attacking me;
ruthless people are trying to kill me—
people without regard for God. Psalm 54:3

People with no regard for God are all around us. They’re not trying to kill us as David noted but they tend to be arrogant and condescending, mainly because they think they have the world all figured out without God’s assistance. In some instances around the world, though, the godless are trying to kill (and in many cases succeeding) Christians. The godless (though they might even call upon their god, Allah, to carry out their evil) are ruthless and vile. They feel that ridding the earth of Christians is doing good in the world.

The persecuted church in the world still needs our prayers. For every one person you hear about in the news, though, it’s totally realistic that there are hundreds or thousands who do not have that notoriety. Those same people languish in prisons and concentration camps within their country. They are nameless and faceless tot the world, but certainly not to God.

Back in the Soviet Communism era, I recall seeing the haunted faces of those who were persecuted for their faith (and for political reasons). It was a cold cruel world for them.

As you think about this topic, pray. I know it’s difficult to pray for someone you’ve never met (and may never meet) who is locked away in a country 4000 miles away, but God knows who they are. He will bless you for it.

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