Rumors, Inuendo, and Lies

2 for people who are wicked and deceitful have opened their mouths against me; they have spoken against me with lying tongues.
3 with words of hatred they surround me; they attack me without cause. Psalm 109:2-3

Men and women in political leadership get criticized quite a bit. Usually it’s because they make decisions that favor very small groups of people while ignoring the vast majority. Often the criticism is warranted.

David brought on discredit and shame to his family by his actions. The truth probably came out about David’s sins and those of his family. Perhaps people embellished those deeds to the point where the original deed was not recognizable. Then came the outright lies and slander. David acknowledged the sin but the consequences for that sin lived on in the hearts and minds of his enemies and his constituents.

On the other hand, if you’re engaged in activities that will return eternal rewards, you will be attacked, mocked, slandered, lied about, and accused. I know, it’s not really encouraging, is it? But that’s precisely what the enemy wants you to think.

God is doing a great thing from you. Try to ignore the slander and lies about you. If you can find out why they’re being spread, do it. If not, pray for those you know are spreading the falsehoods and move on.

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