Saul the Pampered

Then Samuel brought Saul and his servant into the hall and seated them at the head of those who were invited—about thirty in number. Samuel said to the cook, "Bring the piece of meat I gave you, the one I told you to lay aside." So the cook took up the leg with what was on it and set it in front of Saul. Samuel said, "Here is what has been kept for you. Eat, because it was set aside for you for this occasion, from the time I said, 'I have invited guests.' " And Saul dined with Samuel that day.

After they came down from the high place to the town, Samuel talked with Saul on the roof of his house. They rose about daybreak and Samuel called to Saul on the roof, "Get ready, and I will send you on your way." When Saul got ready, he and Samuel went outside together. As they were going down to the edge of the town, Samuel said to Saul, "Tell the servant to go on ahead of us"-and the servant did so-"but you stay here awhile, so that I may give you a message from God." 1 Samuel 9:22-27

Samuel was all about pampering Saul and preparing him for a work. I'm sure Saul didn't know what to think of all the fuss. Think of a person you really really respect serving you hand and foot. You'd be puzzled too. And then Samuel says that he has a message from God for Saul.

I find like to be like that on occasion. A number of years ago, my wife and I traveled to Kenya and Sudan for a medical missions trip. After we had boarded and were ready to be seated, the flight attendant singled us out and called us forward. We thought they would be questioning what was in my wife's baggage (artificial legs and feet). No, the attendant walked us to First Class and sat us down separately and said it was an upgrade. For the next eight hours we enjoyed First Class seating and service. Why? To this day I'm not sure because some of our team (doctors) were still in the rear of the plane. Needless to say it was an enjoyable flight.

So why did this happen? No idea. You see, both of us were unemployed at the time but both of us felt we should make the trip using a lot of our own money. I have to admit I had some doubts about whether it was the right thing to do. The upgrade was as if God was saying, "I can take care of you on the way over AND after you return home." He knew what we needed at the time. It wasn't something we prayed for or sought. It was something we accepted.

Sometimes you just have to sit back and soak in the goodness of God.

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