Just then his disciples returned and were surprised to find him talking with a woman. But no one asked, “What do you want?” or “Why are you talking with her?” John 4:27

After the disciples returned from their day trip into town, they were probably offended that Jesus was talking with a woman, the kind that all the rest of them would never talk with in public (and probably in private). They thought it – and Jesus knew they were thinking it – but they never came right out and asked him about it.

Yes, he was a different man. Yes, he seemed to be breaking all the rules. Yes, he was delightful to be around.

Jesus was what we call “an impact player.” He didn’t have to speak to thousands to get noticed. He only spoke to one and others caught him speaking to that person. It was bound to spread. Still, though, you know that he had planted a seed within his disciples. Perhaps it was a seed a doubt for some, or a seed of “you’ll just have to trust me” or even a seed that said “watch me as I change the world one by one.” We like to think that it was the last seed that would have been planted in our hearts if we had been there, and most of us, however, would think it was a seed of doubt.

To this day, the seeds he plants are just as varied as back then: we see a seed of doubt when he doesn’t answer prayer right away (or in years). Sometimes “you’ll just have to trust me and the seed of doubt are very related. The seed of “changing the world one by one” doesn’t come easy, and if we’re honest, it comes and goes when it does come. I suspect all Christians have these trust/doubt issues through the course of a month.

It’s all about getting us to trust him over the long haul. And that comes through time and, well, trust.

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