…seek and you will find… Matthew 7:7

To seek is to search, to overturn things, and to look for. People seek many things: peace, truth, riches, fame, popularity, things, God. Even as Christians we seek things: wisdom, counsel, peace, truth.

What do you seek from God in prayer? That your life will go well and that there will be no problems? Do you question the things that God does or just accept them blindly? Of course we question God, though we don’t easily admit it. We’ve been taught that it’s a weakness to question God. After all, the world does enough of that, right?

But throughout Scripture, God wants his people to seek Him. David sought after God hard. Elijah sought God and found him in the still small voice, and quickly after that questioned God’s very existence. He thought that God had forsaken him (1 Kings 19).

There is more to be gained by seeking and searching and hunting Him down than by having all the answers handed to us on a platter.

Now read Genesis 3:9 and tell me who is actually doing the seeking.

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