Self Controlled Life

it is not easily angered, 1 Corinthians 13:5

As you would expect, these are very sound “secular” principles as well. Having self-control when things go haywire is the mark of a growing Believer.

Just before I started writing this, I watched a short video of college basketball players being ejected from a game because they couldn’t control their anger. The referees threw most of the bench out, so the team ended up playing with only 3 players against their opponent’s five throughout the rest of the game. Their lack of self-control in the face of adversity cost them the game and quite possibly scholarships.

Jesus exhibited the ultimate self control when he was being accused and beaten. He was the Son of God. At His command, thousands of angels could have swooped down and eliminated any opposition. He could have done an infinite number of things to stop the torture. He didn’t need it.

But He remained calm and focused. The pain He experienced had a much deeper purpose.

Of course we can easily display our anger like the college basketball players under a different set of circumstances. We need to press in to Christ to make sure that we don’t “fly off the handle” when faced with intense adversity.

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