Self Controlled

self-controlled, 1 Timothy 3:2d

Thousands of secular and theological books have been written about the disciplined life. There’s a reason why so many are written: very few people are disciplined. We all have areas that are rigid and controlled but we often lack basic life discipline. We have uncontrolled appetites in the areas of food, money, sex, alcohol, and even pride.

Many pastors have unstructured weeks, and that’s partly the nature of the business. They have to make time to see someone in a nursing home or visit someone in a hospital. Still they need to prepare teachings for the week and stay close to the Word of God. That all takes discipline despite the interruptions.

It’s an interesting characteristic for a pastor because it’s difficult to define but easy to spot when the life is not disciplined.

Pray for your pastor that he would embrace the disciplined life. Pray again that he will have one or two people to help him with that discipline, people that he will allow speak into his life.

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