Sing for Joy

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Psalm 5:11

Here are two related questions. (1) How do you sing when no one is watching? It could be a song on the radio or a worship tape or a song that just pops into your head. (2) Now how do you sing when people are around, say, perhaps in a congregational setting? Are the two manners different? (sorry, that was 3 questions)

This evening the barbershop chorus I sing with went to a nursing home. We sang to two different audiences: the first was to “regular” residents as they were dining, and the second in the Memory Care Section (Alzheimer’s Unit). What a contrast. The regular residents were polite and cordial. Then we sang to the Memory Care residents. One woman in particular took it upon herself to join in with us to the tunes she knew. She was off key, shrill, and a half second ahead of us in our singing. No problem.

Then it happened. A quartet began a medley of three Gospel songs and I watched this woman in amazement. She sang (almost) in tune and in tempo with the quartet. The words came alive to her. She was halfway between tears and smiles. She wasn’t singing for our benefit, even though we were all standing in front of her. No, she was carefree and joyfully singing for the Audience of One.

And I suspect He was pleased with her worship.

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