Slandering Leaders

David said to the young man who brought him the report, "Where are you from?" "I am the son of an alien, an Amalekite," he answered.
David asked him, "Why were you not afraid to lift your hand to destroy the LORD's anointed?"
Then David called one of his men and said, "Go, strike him down!" So he struck him down, and he died. For David had said to him, "Your blood be on your own head. Your own mouth testified against you when you said, 'I killed the LORD's anointed.' "
2 Samuel 1:13-16

Even though King Saul hated David and wanted him killed, David still respected the office he held. In fact, the Bible records at least twice where David himself could have killed the King, but he chose not to.

Throughout this series I have emphasized the need to pray for those and to submit to those in authority (Romans 13:1). Obviously leaders are not immune to doing wrong or evil, but be careful what you say against those in authority. In other words, don't let careless or hateful words detract from your overall message.

Here's why I say that. Know it or not, like it or not, we are being watched. Our co-workers and unbelieving friends are watching to see how we react. What sets you apart in this regard? Are you like they are? Are you praying for those leaders regularly? Are you pleading with God to change their hearts? Are you asking God to fill your heart with love towards those leaders you strongly disagree with?

As I write this, there is rioting in the streets over what many
perceive to be fraudulent elections. The former leader Ahmadinijab was
said to have lost 15 million to 8 million but he's already claimed
victory. Pray for what's happening there.

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