And They Snoozed

Clap your hands, all you nations;
    shout to God with cries of joy. Psalm 47:1

The sons of Korah present an unlikely possibility: that the nations would clap for God. After all, these are the same nations that plot against God at every turn.

A few years ago I was flying home from England and our flight’s trajectory brought us North. We had been in the air a couple of hours and it was dark outside. Very few people in the plane were awake. I was. I looked out and saw a dazzling array of color dancing and prancing across the sky. I had seen the Northern Lights before in Alaska but never from 33,000 feet. I was in awe. I looked around at the plane and they were all snoozing. Here was perhaps one of the most beautiful acts of nature occurring outside, and the 200 passengers were snoring away. Had they seen what I was seeing, they would undoubtedly have been awestruck. But they weren’t.

“Wake up, you people. Look outside and see the wonders of creation! Quickly.”

No, I didn’t say or yell that but I wanted to.

Similarly, the sons of Korah were imploring the nations to do the same. It was a tough sell to those trapped in their own selfish and sinful ways. Still is. However, it didn’t make their statements any less valid or meaningful.

One day the nations will bow to God…this time on His terms.

One day.

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