Still Forgiving and Healing

3 At this, some of the teachers of the law said to themselves, “This fellow is blaspheming!”

4 Knowing their thoughts, Jesus said, “Why do you entertain evil thoughts in your hearts? 5 Which is easier: to say, ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ or to say, ‘Get up and walk’? 6 But I want you to know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins.” So he said to the paralyzed man, “Get up, take your mat and go home.” 7 Then the man got up and went home. 8 When the crowd saw this, they were filled with awe; and they praised God, who had given such authority to man. Matthew 9:3-8

Jesus gave the leaders a choice: healing or forgiveness, neither of which were they wild about. It merely exposed their hypocrisy.

Were they envious, jealous, or just joykillers? They said Jesus was a blasphemer but that accusation melted away when the man got up and walked.

They didn’t have a solution for this paralyzed man, nor did they want someone else to do it either. They were content with tossing a few coins this man’s way if he happened to be begging by the side of the road.

Two of the major points to this passage has been that Jesus still forgives and He still heals, but rarely on our timeline and schedule.

The fact that you still have a person you’ve been praying for is significant so don’t stop praying. He wouldn’t put that person on your mind and heart if he wasn’t going to do something fabulous.

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