Tell Me Again!

Contend, Lord, with those who contend with me;
fight against those who fight against me.
2 Take up shield and armor;
arise and come to my aid.
3 Brandish spear and javelin
against those who pursue me.
Say to me,
“I am your salvation.” Psalm 35:1-3

You’re probably asking yourself, “How could one man be in so much trouble for so long?” Well, he was and he prayed some very raw prayers, prayers that might not be approved on Sunday mornings. These are not so strong but others are a lot more violent and angry. Still, though, he ends up with “Please remind me again that you’re my salvation!”

He’s like the child who gets tossed into the air, and immediately says, “Again! Swing me around again!”

David’s “again!” was “tell me about you and this salvation. I can hear it as many times as you tell it.”

It’s a helpful reminder to us of our need for a Savior. We need to hear it from each other early and often.

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