temperate, 1 Timothy 3:2c

I think of temperate as even-keeled or level-headed. Nothing ruffles his feathers.

In reality, though, many things should cause him great consternation, but the temperate man knows when and where to get upset. Scriptures tell us to “be angry and sin not” (Ephesians 4:26). So there is a time to get angry but it’s probably not in traffic, in a slow-moving grocery lane, or when neighborhood kids are playing on his lawn. He gets angry at the things that would anger Jesus, the abuses and unjust dealings of people.

But, like all characteristics in this list, the qualities may not come easily to some. Many have to work hard at it. Many need to fight the urge to get upset over the small stuff. That comes through submitting it to the Holy Spirit to help him change.

Pray that your pastor will be led by the Holy Spirit in his day to day frustrations. Pray that the Holy Spirit will show him the appropriate times to become angry.

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