Thanks Again…and Again

I have not stopped giving thanks for you… Ephesians 1:16a

The next few days I will be discussing this passage in Ephesians because it contains a lot of practical material for the Believer.

A general (though not the main one) theme in the Bible is thankfulness. We see it clearly in the Old Testament in the Psalms and Proverbs. Kings made it a point to publicly thank God. Many prophets urged men and women to give thanks and to repent. Often the people did neither and their societies suffered because of it. Obviously I’m painting this subject with a very broad brush but there are just so many verses in the Bible that burst with thanksgiving. The subject of thankfulness is even stronger in the life of Jesus and the apostle Paul.

For us, though, it’s important to give thanks to God and for others. Period. I’ve said it before but we often get whiny. If everything doesn’t go our way, sometimes others never hear the end of it. We even whine about being thankful! But when we’re thankful to God for others, we (briefly) divert the focus from us and our “plight”, and we shine a spotlight on what others have done. Let’s face it, we like to be thanked when we do something well or have been available for others. Sometimes that thanks is given publicly; sometimes it’s private. The true reward comes, though, when we give thanks for others before the Audience of One.

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