That’s Encouraging

When the uproar had ended, Paul sent for the disciples and, after encouraging them, said goodbye and set out for Macedonia. 2 He traveled through that area, speaking many words of encouragement to the people, and finally arrived in Greece, 3 where he stayed three months. Acts 20:1-2

Throughout Paul’s letters, we see that Paul was a good teacher and mentor to those he was entrusted with. We don’t always see encouragement in the list of qualities that he had, but these verses tell us just the opposite was true.

Encouragement takes many forms, doesn’t it? Sometimes just being with someone who’s just lost a loved one is encouraging.

Or maybe encouragement is a simple phone call, visit, or email just to say, “Hey!” No agenda. No advice. No correction. You want nothing in return.

It’s not always the words we say that encourages, though it certainly can be. Often being there is what people need…to listen and to care.

I’ve said it many times in this space and it’s certainly not an original thought: 80% of the people you know need encouragement today. The remaining 20% will need it tomorrow.

Who can you call or visit today to encourage?

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