The Annals of Solomon

As for the other events of Solomon’s reign-all he did and the wisdom he displayed-are they not written in the book of the annals of Solomon? 1 Kings 11:41

Kings and prominent leaders have the benefit of having most their actions recorded for history’s sake. A hundred years from now, people want to know how such and such leader fared given the conditions he governed under. More than three thousand years after Solomon reigned as king, we see what he did and how he acted. We also know that he wrote down many of the Proverbs that we now gain wisdom from. Annals and journals (and history books) are like that.

When I lived in Mongolia I kept a running diary of what I was going through while in the country. I kept notes on exchange rates, how the church was growing and what I was experiencing as a foreigner. I didn’t record every little thing I did but enough. A couple months ago, I broke out the diary and skimmed through it. That was eye opening for me because I didn’t remember some of the emotions and feelings I had about living in stressful conditions. Fifteen years later, I am able to recall not only what was written but what I felt when we were there. Our memories fail us and we tend to drift towards the good memories. Journals synch our current views with the realities of the times they are written.

I would encourage each reading this devotional to keep a semi-regular journal of events and activities in your life. What are you feeling? What are you thinking? What are your dreams? What do you hope to do? What are you praying for? How has God continued to bless you? Years later you’ll be able to look back on these times and recall what you were going through. You may not think it much now but you’ll begin to see patterns. Writing and journaling is a discipline, but it’s worth the effort.

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  1. patti reed

    I have kept a journal for the past six years,being a drug addict, and hating everything in my life, and not understanding why I was doing what I hated. Trying for years to free myself from this awful addiction, I finally found the way, it was easy and it was free, I laid it at the feet of Jesus, and he healed me. Its been six years of freedom for me now and a love and fellowship with my lord I could have never imagined ever possible…so if there are any addict out there…please give it to Jesus he is so amazing, and I love my life now!!!

  2. Ron Cordero

    Awesome! Go another 6 years in Jesus name.

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