The Authentic Life

18 Many of those who believed now came and openly confessed what they had done. Acts 19:18

Living a godly life matters. It mattered to Paul and the disciples. It matters to us. It matters to others.

People see. People notice. Most of the time they won’t say anything, but they’re watching. They want the truth. They’ve been lied to all their lives. They’re looking for authenticity in someone, something. They’re not looking for perfection, just an authentic person.

Are we living it? Are we shining that light for all to see?

And what about those times when no one else sees except for your spouse and family?

Your spouse wants you to live a godly life.

Your kids – though they will never say it while they’re still at home – want desperately for you to live a godly life. They need that compassionate role model.

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