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The Book of Mark

The beginning of the good news about Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God, 2 as it is written in Isaiah the prophet: Mark 1:1

Let’s transition over to Mark, the shortest of the four Gospels, but often the one with the most detailed accounts of incident during Jesus’ time on Earth. Le’t see what we can learn from this fast-moving book.

As you read through the book, take time to stop and ponder the truths you read about. Sure, this is a book you’ve probably read a dozen times or more, but let the Spirit of God illuminate its powerful words once again.

In His opening statement, Mark declares four truths.

First the Good News or the Gospel. The Gospel is good news. It’s what it gospel means. It certainly is good news in a sea of pessimism and strife.

Second, Mark declared that Jesus was the Messiah. Jesus was His name and the Messiah (or the Christ) was His title.

The third truth is that the title Messiah speaks of Jesus’s incarnate being, the one who came to Earth.

Lastly, the Son of God obviously speaks to Jesus’ divinity. We don’t quite capture all of this in English, but to those reading it in Greek it was all of that and more.

Jesus Christ, 100% man and 100% God, has given us good news to read and learn about.

May He be praised both now and forever more.

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