The Call to Maturity in Love

48 Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect. Matthew 5:48

Verse 48 rounds out Jesus’ teaching on the fulfillment of the law. Most scholars believe that ‘perfect’ could easily be translated ‘mature’ or well-rounded or complete. That certainly makes more sense because none of us can be perfect. In the context of this passage, it makes a lot of sense.

On our own we have a difficult time loving others, even those we love! Sometimes even lovely people are unloving and unkind. And forget those who hate us. That’s why we have to have a mature love, one that’s not childish or vain. Still, though, the command is impossible without the Holy Spirit of God working in us and through us and through the other person. Only God can work that kind of magic.

God’s not calling us to perfection. Otherwise, none of us could attain it. Instead, he’s calling us to love perfectly as He loves perfectly through the spirit of God in our lives.

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