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The Exclamation Point

20 Some time later Abraham was told, “Milkah is also a mother; she has borne sons to your brother Nahor: 21 Uz the firstborn, Buz his brother, Kemuel (the father of Aram), 22 Kesed, Hazo, Pildash, Jidlaph and Bethuel.” 23 Bethuel became the father of Rebekah. Milkah bore these eight sons to Abraham’s brother Nahor. 24 His concubine, whose name was Reumah, also had sons: Tebah, Gaham, Tahash and Maakah. Genesis 22:20-24

These few verses put an exclamation point on the Lord’s promise to Abraham. Already God was expanding the family line.

I was recently reading the biography of a pastor friend of mine. Over and over again, God provided for this man and his family. He opened doors, closed them, and just led him every step of his journey. While it’s insightful to read about it in the Bible, it’s current coming from a friend who has walked with God all his life.

We certainly know that God provides for us, just as he provided for Abraham.

Reading my friend’s biography just underscored what we already knew: God is faithful and can be trusted through the dark and lonely stages of life as well as when we’re on the mountain tops.

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