The Influential

Hear me, Lord, my plea is just;
listen to my cry.
Hear my prayer—
it does not rise from deceitful lips.
Let my vindication come from you;
may your eyes see what is right. Psalm 17:1-2

A number of years ago actress Patricia Heaton was being interviewed about her faith and her pro-life stance. When questioned about her being ostracized in Hollywood because of her beliefs, here was her response: “On a personal level, as a Christian, it will not be Barbra Streisand I’m standing in front of when I have to make an accounting of my life.”

King David understood that well. He knew that his foes would not have the final word even if they had taken his life. He knew that in the end, God was the righteous judge. He knew that God would ultimately see what was right and judge accordingly.

It’s something to keep in mind because I’m afraid that too often we’re concerned about what the influential people in our lives would think if we did such and such. In the important matters it’s God’s approval that matters. No one else’s opinion comes close.

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