The Journey

13 But I cry to you for help, Lord; in the morning my prayer comes before you.
14 Why, Lord, do you reject me and hide your face from me? Psalm 88:13-14

Once again the sons of Korah reveal their hearts. I’ve very often found what they prayed to be a very “raw” prayer. When you pray it, it’s because you are in trouble. I’ve said this many times over the years but often the answers to those prayers are often in the “asking” than in the actual “getting.” God’s answer to prayers aren’t like getting presents from Santa Claus. Part of what God wants to do is for us to search the Scriptures for answers. Why? Because the character of God is revealed in the Scriptures.

What are you looking for? Answers. Often the answers have to be mined. Most of us have searched for answers in a passage we’ve read a thousand times. But upon read number 1001, something becomes illuminated. That’s how the Word of God is.

So when you cry out to God in your darkness and despair, search for your answers in the Scriptures. Now He may in fact outright answer your prayer, but often the journey through the Bible will provide as much revelation to your prayer as the actual answer does.

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