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The Living Stone

4 As you come to him, the living Stone—rejected by humans but chosen by God and precious to him— 1 Peter 2:4

Without question we’d rather be chosen by God and rejected by humans. The world, however, works on the exact opposite principle: chosen (famous, popular) by humans and who really cares what God thinks. They live in a very temporal world. They live for the here and now, that is, until they are on their death beds. That’s when they’ll cling to anything they can. Many have had true deathbed conversions. They weep as they consider what they’ve wasted and squandered. Not all, but some. They always wanted to live this life on their terms – and they did, until they came to this point.

We have opportunities every day to introduce people to this Living Stone. We don’t know where people are on their journey in life. Even the hardest of people may be ever so close to the Kingdom despite their brash bravado. Pray for the courage to introduce people to Christ. I suspect we too will have certain regrets on our deathbed, regrets of missed opportunities, regrets of things we didn’t do and say while we had the chance.

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