The Meek Among Us

“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.” Matthew 5:5

Meek here means gentle spirit. It’s certainly not a synonym for weak! On the contrary. It takes much more strength to be meek than to be strong and forceful.

There’s an elderly man I know who is about the meekest man I’ve ever met. He has a sweet spirit. He chooses his words carefully, and always has a pleasant word to say about me (even when I’m sure I don’t deserve it). When he speaks, others listen, not only because he’s soft spoken but because there is an inner strength in him that the loudest and most powerful men in the world couldn’t match. When I’m with him, I just want to soak in and learn. I’ve told my wife often, “I want to be like that man!”

Lord, may I learn to be like this man. May I follow his manners well for he has a gentle and sweet spirit. What others take to be weakness, you see it as strength. Amen.

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