The Mercy Gig

3 have mercy on me, Lord, for I call to you all day long. Psalm 86:3

We all need mercy, perhaps more than we know. But there’s a principle you should consider: are you merciful? Now before you answer “yes,” would others say you’re merciful? And what does that look like in everyday actions?

  • Are you merciful towards the waitress who is overworked and underpaid?
  • Do you snap at drivers you will probably never see again?
  • Are you merciful towards those who are in this country illegally who want to make a better life for themselves? (forget for a moment the legality and political issues)
  • Are you merciful towards your believing brothers and sisters in heated board meetings?
  • Are you merciful towards your pastor each week (after you’ve heard his message)?

We want mercy – and boy we need it – but find ourselves not being merciful towards others. That kind of change doesn’t happen overnight. It’s takes consistent baby steps to correct.

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