The Neglected Commandment

The Neglected Commandment

7 “You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name. Exodus 20:7

It seems obvious that one of the ways society misuses God’s name is through profanity or swearing.

There’s actually a bigger issue to contend with. “Whenever a person misuses God’s name, they are defaming his reputation, disrespecting his character and disregarding his authority” – Pastor Steve Greene. In other words, someone’s life can also misuse God’s name.

  • If someone says this “word” is from the Lord and it doesn’t match up with Scripture, that’s misusing His name. An example of this might be a Bible school student telling his girl friend that “God told me we were to get married,” when God hadn’t told her yet. It didn’t match up with the Word of God.
  • If someone is mean and disrespectful but announces they are Christian, that’s disrespecting His character and misusing His name. An example might be being rude to a waitress and then praying over your food. The two character changes within a few minutes time doesn’t bring honor to God.
  • “Oh my God,” “OMG,” “Dog gummit”, “Jiminy Cricket” “Gosh Darn”, and “Jumping Jehosaphat” are all ways of ‘cussing’ without ‘cussing’, as well as those words that are being hidden by these words. That’s also a misuse of His name.

This is the commandment we obey just by living an upright and godly life, not a perfect life but an upright life.

When we are bringing glory and honor to God, it pleases Him. We are uplifting His name.

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