The Next Generation

18 Let this be written for a future generation, that a people not yet created may praise the Lord:
19 “The Lord looked down from his sanctuary on high, from heaven he viewed the earth,
20 to hear the groans of the prisoners and release those condemned to death.”
21 So the name of the Lord will be declared in Zion and his praise in Jerusalem
22 when the peoples and the kingdoms assemble to worship the Lord. Psalm 102:18-22

If you’ve been paying attention at all, you’ll realize that the next generation of Believers will have their work cut out for them. They are growing up in a very different society than many of us grew up in.

God has been led each generation through its tough times, so they’ll do fine. I suspect someone wrote the same thing about our generation, and look how we turned out and what we’ve accomplished.

Pray for the next generation of Believers. The cultural pressures they’ll have are different than what we had, and they will have to rely on God for wisdom and direction.

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