The Snare and Deception

18 Remember how the enemy has mocked you, Lord, how foolish people have reviled your name. Psalm 74:18

If you have been watching the news over the last few days you’ll see one thing that has dominated the newspapers, television, and social media: the Supreme Court’s decision regarding same-sex marriage. As I’ve watched the events unfold, the in-your-face mockery of all things good and wholesome has been difficult to stomach. From the lewd “pride” parades to the hateful comments on the internet and social media, the “marriage equality” proponents have rejoiced openly about that which God has called sin. It’s one thing to actually commit the sin but it takes the sin to a whole new level when people are flaunting it in the open and openly mocking God and His people over it.

Pray for your pastors, church leadership, and church membership as they wrestle with how to minister to those caught in the snare and deception of homosexual behavior.

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