The Sovereign Lord

16 For he never thought of doing a kindness, but hounded to death the poor and the needy and the brokenhearted.
17 He loved to pronounce a curse—may it come back on him.
He found no pleasure in blessing—may it be far from him.
18 He wore cursing as his garment; it entered into his body like water, into his bones like oil.
19 May it be like a cloak wrapped about him, like a belt tied forever around him.
20 May this be the Lord’s payment to my accusers, to those who speak evil of me. Psalm 109:16-20

David continued denouncing his enemy but he seemed to have switched gears. He laid out a case for his enemy that included specific actions he had done.

The desired end result, though, was the same as yesterday’s devotion: payback for wrongs committed.

Would I love to see evil eradicated once and for all? Absolutely. God avenges evil in His own way and on His own schedule.

We can take issue with that statement all we want, but the point remains: God is sovereign over the affairs of men, women, and children around the world.

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