The Take Charge Guy

1 My God, whom I praise, do not remain silent, Psalm 109:1

In every critical situation we are in, we always look to one person to help us. It’s usually the “take charge” guy (or gal). This is the person who always seems to know what to do.

In our lives, we certainly want God to handle situations that are completely out of our control. God obviously knows what to do in every situation imaginable. That’s why David wanted to stand behind him and shout, “You go, God. Don’t be bashful about these enemies of mine!” Even though David was probably a strong leader, he knew where his ultimate strength lay.

What are you struggling with today that is totally out of your control? You’ve cried out to God but nothing’s happening.

I would encourage you to keep pleading, keep asking, keep God at the forefront of your prayers. Don’t be discouraged by the non-answers to prayer. Be encouraged that that the sovereign God of the universe knows what He’s doing in all situations big and small.

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