Timeless Truths

Among the gods there is none like you, Lord; no deeds can compare with yours. Psalm 86:8

The “gods” David talks about here were tangible and were worshiped by many. If you’ve ever wondered about some the “attraction” these gods had, much of it had to do with sex. Here are a few of the gods:

  • Ashtaroth, a deity associated with sexuality and fertility, and by some peoples war.
  • Astarte, the ancient Hebrew prophets denounced her cult many times, most likely because she was worshiped with sexual fertility rites
  • Molech, not simply because of the sin of idolatry but also because of the custom of the worshipers of Molech of sacrificing children to the god by fire
  • Baal normally required the sacrifice of children, often the first-born male child, by sacrifice by fire
  • A local baal cult is called “Baal-peor” mentioned in Numbers 25:3, where the Israelites disgraced themselves in some sexual rites with the Moabites and worshiped the local god

This page in Bible Study Tools lists all the false gods in the Bible

So you see, not much has changed in 3000 years. We still engage in child sacrifice in abortion clinics throughout the land. Adherents to this god are as passionate and committed as any religious person in the world.

And it’s no surprise that sex is still quite mainstream in the form of prostitution, pornography, and every sort of lascivious lifestyle you could imagine.

So the timeless truths of the Bible shine through. The truth remains, though, that God is more powerful, gracious, and loving than anything the world has to offer. We need to hear this truth often as we are bombarded daily with provocative and lurid imagery and themes.

Pray for the generation growing up into this culture. They hear it, see it, and are taught it in their classrooms. Pray that the Lord will guard their minds.

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